Who's Affected?


 Short Answer: All of us will be affected by this project!
If you live in or around Boulder County, or if you just enjoy coming into Boulder on the weekends to hike, kayak, or even just visit with friends—you'll feel the negative impacts of this project.

  • Boulder County Residents

    We'll be the hardest hit by this project. Not only will we deal with an increase in traffic from construction (Denver Water estimates large trucks and machinery will make up to 98 trips per day on our roads), but there's a big risk heavy metals will leach into our water table, including into South Boulder Creek, which will affect our health and safety.

  • Boulder County Businesses

    The increased traffic and congestion on our roadways will impact our local businesses by making it harder to get deliveries and shipments on time, hurting your bottom line.

  • Anglers and Boaters

    The South Shore recreation area will be closed for recreational activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing for at least the 7 years of construction.

  • Hikers & Bikers

    While construction is in progress (for at least seven years), hiking and cycling access to the trails around the reservoir will be heavily restricted.

  • Fish and Wildlife

    This project could be disastrous for the fish who call our reservoir and rivers home. Not only will it increase mercury levels, but it will decimate our fish population for years to come.

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