We're counting on people like you!
We're up against deep pockets, so every dollar donated will help protect our natural resources and save Boulder County.
We welcome all contributors who make a donation over $20 as members of TEG. 

Rather send a check? Checks and money orders can be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Gross Reservoir Conservation Fund
P.O. Box 7532
Boulder, CO 80306

Be sure to make the check payable to "Community Foundation Boulder County"  and include "Gross Reservoir Conservation Fund" in the memo section!

What Your Donations Fund 
TEG and the Stop Gross Dam Expansion campaign work hard to raise the money needed to fight the expansion of Gross Reservoir and to make sure the money is spent responsibly for the greater good. 

We are proud and thankful to the whole community for banding together, and feel excited about what is to come. 

We take each dollar that we raise seriously and put every penny to work to achieve our goals. As a donor, it’s important for you to understand where you money flows and what exactly it pays for. Our campaign remains lean and effective. 

2020  Budget

Legal: $110,000
  • $60,000 for LOCAL LITIGATION: 1041 local permit process and legal action, including the Motion to Intervene on Denver Water's lawsuit against Boulder County.
  • $50,000 for FEDERAL LITIGATION: United States Army Corps of Engineers Federal Lawsuit - filed in coalition with Save the Colorado, TEG, Sierra Club, Living Rivers, and WildEarth Guardians in December 2018.
TEG Operations
  • $20,000 for Save Boulder County Campaign: Keep community informed, movilize citizens, liaison with Boulder County staff and legal teams, host events, fundraising
  • $11,000 for TEG General Operations: Fees, insurance, registrations, coalition donation, facility rental
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